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Salem County is a great, friendly place to live and work. Like most of the North East, the main concern that most residents here have is getting through the tough winter season. However, one other issue that homeowners should be aware of is the abundance of invasive pests in Salem County that cause problems on properties throughout the county. Camel crickets are a particularly frequent unwanted guest in homes across Salem County.

What Is The Difference Between Camel Crickets And Regular Crickets?

Camel crickets are very similar to common crickets. They do not pose any serious health or safety risks and are primarily nuisance pests. Although they are similar to one another, camel crickets have a few noticeable differences in appearance and behavior. Unlike regular crickets, the appearance of camel crickets resembles that of a spider. They have a hunched back and large, spindly legs like many arachnids and are often mistaken for spiders at first glance. These crickets are also known for using their incredible ability to jump as a defense mechanism against any threats. Many only become aware that their home is infested with these pests when they are frightened by a sudden jump from a camel cricket.

Where Do Camel Crickets Come From?

An important part of any type of pest control is being aware of how they get into your home, to begin with. Camel crickets, like common crickets, will enter homes primarily in search of food or shelter. These pests prefer hotter temperatures and invade Salem County homes more frequently to escape the cold weather during the winter months. Crickets can enter your home through extremely small openings; tiny cracks in the foundation of your home, open windows, and spaces underneath doorways are all common entry points for these pests. Because crickets can enter through these tiny openings, it is vital to maintain your property and perform repairs as needed.

Do Camel Crickets Make Noises Like The Standard Cricket?

The unique sound that crickets are known for, called a cricket chirp, is a telltale sign that your home is infested with common crickets and will lead to many sleepless nights. Crickets make this sound when they scrape their wings together in a process called stridulation. They use this cricket chirp both to attract female mates as well as to drive off other male crickets. Camel crickets, however, do not produce any sound and are therefore able to avoid detection for longer periods of time.

What Can I Do To Remove The Camel Crickets In My Yard?

Professional home pest control is the only long-term solution to deal with a camel cricket infestation in your home, but there are practical ways that you can reduce the chance of an infestation.

Practical ways for homeowners to reduce the chance of a camel cricket infestation on their property include:

  • Keep your home at a cool temperature. Warm temperatures attract crickets, and they typically cannot survive in temperatures below seventy degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Reduce the humidity of your home with a dehumidifier as crickets are attracted to areas with high humidity.

  • Routinely inspect your property and seal any cracks. These are common entry points for crickets.

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