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Experienced Pest Technician

  • 7A License Required
  • Full-Time
  • Competitive Rate 

170 N. Broadway Pennsville, NJ

Why Work Here?

  • We are an extremely reputable professional company.
  • We have consistent growth in our customer base.
  • We have a highly respected business owner who is a hands-on operator.

As a Pest Control Technician, you will:

  • Provide professional services to residential and commercial customers. 
  • Conduct inspections to identify potential and existing pest problems and design strategies for the most effective approach for pest remediation and pest control solutions. 
  • Advise clients and implement effective treatment plans to remedy infestations and eliminate pests, using a variety of techniques, including identifying, selecting, and applying chemicals or manual solutions as necessary. 
  • Use live traps and/or other small equipment as necessary, customized to the customer's needs.


We seek an experienced Pest Control Technician with a proven work record. You must be 7A licensed and knowledgeable in different kinds of pests and their habitats. You will be responsible for inspecting customer premises and advising them on possible treatment options, including managing their environmental conditions and items known to draw pests. You must be able to identify different types of insects, bugs, and rodents to help effectively eliminate them.

We require you to have the physical strength and stamina to handle heavy equipment to complete your tasks, the ability to stand for extended periods, withstand adverse weather conditions, and work in uncomfortable environments.

We seek a detailed-oriented individual who can follow detailed instructions in applying pesticides to avoid harm to the client and yourself and keeps good records of hours worked, chemicals used, and payments collected. You must have very good customer service skills and be customer focused.

We want a team player who consistently shows respect for self, customers, company, and co-workers and takes pride in their work. Our pest technicians typically work alone and interact directly with customers in the customer's home or business, ensuring they understand their needs and providing follow-up services as needed. You will also work closely with the company owner and service manager to collectively provide excellent customer service and regular communication with our business office administrator, who schedules service calls and accommodates customers by phone.

About Preferred Termite and Pest Control:

Family owned and operated since 2009, Preferred Termite and Pest Control has become a household name in residential and commercial pest management. Founder and owner Brian Szymborski is proud to have started his business with a personal passion for the industry and professional dedication to solving even the toughest pest problems in the New Jersey and Delaware area with 30+ years of pest experience and a knack for troubleshooting pest problems others could not resolve! 

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