The Key To Effective Termite Control For Your Salem County Home

termites destroying a wood wall with faded blue paint

If you didn’t live in a home surrounded by wood, termites would never be an issue. But who wants to reside in a space built entirely out of aluminum or some other undesirable material? Fortunately, Preferred Termite and Pest Control provides the most effective pest control in Salem County to obliterate all kinds of termites in and around your property. We understand the urgency of removing these pests to preserve your precious wood structures, interiors, and sanity. Read further to learn more about termites and how you can prevent them from making your home their permanent residence.

About The Termite Caste System

Like in society, where everyone has their role to play in keeping our economy running as smoothly as possible, termites have a similar, highly organized system. Several female queens lay eggs for the entire colony. The rest of the population are tasked with other duties, such as defending the group, gathering food, or watching over the young. All members have a specific job to do, which ensures their lifecycle continues.

Why Termites Infest And Destroy Wooden Structures

For many people, this may be the first time they hear “cellulose.” This substance is the number one reason why termites plague your wooden structures. Cellulose is a termite’s life force, giving them all the nutrients they need to survive and thrive. And unfortunately, the wood in your home and yard contains this insoluble, organic, fibrous compound. Not only does wood provide termites with a hearty meal, but it’s also a habitat where they take refuge. That’s why it’s essential to call a qualified termite and pest control company to conduct a thorough property inspection.

How To Remove Factors That Attract Termites To Your Home

Unless your home is completely made of glass or bamboo, you may encounter termites if your property is brimming with wood features. If completely demolishing your home is off the table of solutions, it’s a good idea to try eliminating other factors that termites find attractive. Doing so will increase your chances of avoiding a termite catastrophe. Now is an excellent time to look around your property to see what elements you can remove. For additional help, check out our list below:

  • Drain unnecessary and excess moisture from around your property.

  • Clear away the clutter and debris from your gutters.

  • Trim back and prune overhanging tree limbs, shrubs, and bushes.

  • Stack lumber, logs, and firewood away from your home’s exterior.

  • Eliminate or reduce large amounts of mulch from your property’s perimeter.

By taking these actions, you will mitigate the risk of enduring a frustrating termite infestation. If you’ve noticed any signs of termites in your home, don’t hesitate to contact a reputable pest control company for further assistance.

The Most Effective Termite Control For San Mateo Homes

The most advanced termite treatments can’t be found at your local hardware store. The public doesn’t have access to the caliber of resources necessary to decimate a pest infestation in its entirety. The key to successful termite removal starts with enlisting the services of professionals who possess a wealth of knowledge regarding these pests.

Since 2009, Preferred Termite and Pest Control have delivered exceptional solutions to keep our residents’ households and businesses free of pest problems. We’re well-equipped to handle whatever issue you face. Our experienced technicians can establish a treatment plan that fits your specific needs and desired outcome. We’re the best termite control company for your Salem County home. Reach out to us today, so we can get started on your no-obligation estimate.