Effective Mosquito Prevention And Control Solutions: Protect Your Home And Family In Elk Grove

mosquito about to bite skin

Our record-setting wet winter and hot summer weather have created the perfect conditions for mosquitoes to breed and thrive. If these biting insects have taken over your backyard, and your family is hiding in the house to avoid them, we are here to help. This blog will provide solutions to help you control these problematic pests.

We'll start by explaining our area's most common types of mosquitoes and reviewing the risks they pose to your family. We'll also provide proactive prevention tips to help you keep mosquitoes away from your yard. Read on to learn more about effective pest control services in Elk Grovewith Bell Pest Control.

Understanding The Mosquito Population: Species And Behaviors

Two types of mosquitoes are especially problematic in our area, biting people and spreading illnesses; the Culex and the Aedes. Culex mosquitoes are active between dusk and dawn, and Aedes are out during the day. Culex mosquitoes lay up to 300 eggs at a time in stagnant water, and Aedes lay their eggs in containers that hold at least 1/2 an inch of water.

The hot weather we've been experiencing creates ideal conditions for the eggs to hatch and quickly proceed through their life cycle, becoming reproductive adults. If you have large populations of mosquitoes on your property, they are likely breeding there too. Contact us today at Bell Pest Control to request a free estimate and get started on our mosquito control services in Elk Grove.

Health Risks Of Mosquito Bites: Warning Signs To Watch For

Mosquitoes are clearly very annoying pests, but worse, they can also spread diseases from one host to the next. The following list details the diseases carried by mosquitoes in our area and the warning signs to watch for:

  • West Nile virus: Signs in mild cases are flu-like symptoms, and more severe cases can cause muscle weakness, confusion, stiff neck, and coma.

  • St. Louis encephalitis: Signs include fever, headache, disorientation, and convulsions or paralysis can occur.

  • Western equine encephalitis: Signs include a sudden onset of fever, lethargy, and vomiting, progressing into irritability and disorientation.

Anyone experiencing unusual symptoms in the days or weeks following a mosquito bite should check in with their doctor. One of the best ways to lower the chances of a bite on your property is to take steps to reduce the number of mosquitoes. Contact us today at Bell Pest Control to learn how our services can help to protect your family.

The Key To Mosquito Control: Proactive Measures For Prevention

Proactive prevention measures can help deter mosquitoes from your property.

Here are some practical tips tokeep mosquitoes away that you can start using today:

  • Keep the grass short and remove excessive vegetation.

  • Regularly empty and refill children's pools and birdbaths.

  • Eliminate standing water on your property.

  • Check that your gutters are clear.

  • Fill in low-lying areas in the yard where puddles form.

The pros at Bell Pest Control offer effective solutions to keep mosquitoes out of your yard. Contact us today to request more information or to schedule an appointment.

Total Mosquito Control: How Professionals Ensure Long-Lasting Results

The simplest and most effective way to manage these pests on your property is to work with a local company with proven experience. Bell Pest Control has been helping our neighbors stay safe from mosquitoes and other pests for over 40 years. Contact us today for help with mosquitoes and to learn more about our residential pest control services in Elk Grove.