Common Ants Found Around Salem


Ant removal in Salem is today’s topic, and you might be surprised to hear that ants can actually become much more than a nuisance if they’re allowed to form a nearby colony and run rampant in and around your home.

In particular, we’re going to get into some of the various ant species that are especially common in the Salem area. This will include basic identification of these species and some important information about the different threats they pose to residents and homeowners in the area.

Beyond the basics, this article will also provide a breakdown of how ants get into homes and, more importantly, how to keep them from getting inside in the future.

What Types Of Ants Live Around Salem?

To get things started, here’s a quick rundown of the types of ants that live in Salem.

  • Carpenter ants are famous for their affinity to wood, so it’s no surprise that they like to enter human homes and go after all kinds of wooden objects in rooms and behind the walls. In terms of identification, carpenter ants are dark in color and can range from black to red or a combination of the two. They grow larger than many species at around half an inch in length.

  • Odorous house ants are closer to being ‘typical’ ants, meaning they go looking for food to bring back to their colonies. They don’t damage homes in the same way that carpenter ants do. These are generally small black or brown ants whose antennae have 12 segments.

  • Pavement ants are also either dark brown or black, and they’re very small, about 1/10 of an inch long. Pavement ants will eat almost anything and often contaminate food.

  • Pharaoh ants are small and light in color, either yellow or tan. They are capable of spreading dangerous bacteria inside your home.

So how can these different ants cause various problems for your home? Let’s talk about it.

Different Problems That Different Types Of Ants Pose

One of the questions you might be asking is, ‘are ants dangerous?’ It’s a simple question, but the answer is a bit complicated. For example, just for the handful of ant species we mentioned above, there are significant differences.

Carpenter ants are one of the relatively few ant species that can cause structural damage to your home. Some species can also attack humans, which can potentially lead to an allergic reaction or serious symptoms, depending on the ant and the medical condition of the individual. However, almost every ant species that comes into human homes shares one very important risk factor: they can easily spread bacteria that can lead to a wide number of human illnesses.

So no matter what kind of ants are in your house, they should all be taken seriously.

How Ants Access Salem Homes

For ant prevention purposes, it’s very important to understand how ants typically gain access to homes in our area. In almost every case, ants come in through small gaps in or around doors, windows, or openings in the exterior walls of the home. Ants may also hitchhike on an object that’s been left outside that someone then brings indoors.

Seeing just a few ants in your house may not seem very alarming at first, but don’t let your guard down too quickly. In a worst-case situation, a small group of ants that have found a reliable way to get into your home could quickly develop into an ant infestation. Ants are very efficient communicators, and once a single ant has found something interesting, they’ll be sure to tell the others.

Of course, if your home is experiencing an ant infestation, you should seriously consider working with a professional pest control service to resolve the situation.

The Best Way To Protect Yourself From Ants In Salem

Professional ant control in Salem ensures that the ants will be removed from your home quickly and efficiently. If you’re looking for ant control near you, look no further! Contact Preferred Termite & Pest Control to get answers to your questions or to request a free estimate.