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Flea Control In Salem, NJ

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Quality Flea Control To Keep Your Salem, NJ Yard & Home Safe

Fleas are parasitic pests often associated with household pets, like cats and dogs, because they prefer hosts with long hair or fur, making it easier for them to latch on and access their food source. So, it makes sense why household pets and local wildlife are most at risk of carrying fleas.

Animals often suffer allergic reactions to fleas, causing scabs and fur loss at the bite sites. They can also suffer from anemia due to too much blood loss. However, our pets aren't the only ones at risk. Humans can also be on the receiving end of flea bites. Not only can people contract diseases from fleas, but the bites often cause itchiness and infections. If the host is allergic to fleas, they can suffer allergic reactions ranging from a mild rash to full-blown hives and anaphylaxis.

Whoever they decide to feed on, the reality is that fleas are vector pests. They can transmit diseases into their host and spread a variety of bacterial infections and vector-borne illnesses, including tularemia, parasites, plagues, spotted fever, typhus, tapeworm, rickettsiosis, and others.

Ensuring your Salem County property is protected against flea activity in is the best place to start in making sure your pets and other loved ones are not in danger. Here at Preferred Termite and Pest Control, we provide dependable flea-control solutions that local New Jersey property owners can count on throughout the year.

Quality Flea Control Services For Your Salem, NJ Property

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From start to finish, the goal of our home or commercial flea treatments is to bring you pest-free results for your home and complete peace of mind. Once we inspect the interior and exterior of your property and determine all problem areas, we then decide on the best approach to treat the infestation effectively and efficiently.

We conduct our flea treatments when humans and animals are not present, ensuring everyone is kept safe and protected throughout the entire process. Before we arrive for our service, we always send a detailed prep sheet to keep the property owner abreast of the situation, allowing them to prepare for our arrival.

We ask our customers to leave home for five hours, in which we comprehensively treat the interior of the house, eliminating all flea activity and conducive conditions. Some of our home flea control services include:

  • Interior treatments to carpets, rugs, curtains, cloth, furniture, upholstery, under cushions, bedding, etc. 
  • Follow-up visits and recurring services to bring you lasting protection from future flea activity.
  • Yard spray treatments are available for the exterior of the property as needed.
  • One-time flea treatments that are available as needed for special events, singular instances, etc.

Customized Flea Solutions You Can Depend On

Whatever the nature of your flea infestation, you can count on us to bring you reliable protection. When you go with the team at Preferred Termite and Pest Control, you are guaranteed:

  • Dedication to troubleshooting pest problems in a customized matter.
  • Quality pest control services that all residential and commercial customers deserve. 
  • A unique customer service experience, quick response times, and extensive expertise.

Reach out to us today to discuss flea activity around your home or New Jersey area business. The best time to start protecting yourself is right now, which means securing professional ongoing flea control services. We have vast experience in the complete detection and extermination of flea activity, and we are here to help you avoid the nightmare of an infestation moving forward. Contact us to request your free service quote and say goodbye to pesky little fleas that don't belong anywhere near you!

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