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Pest Control In Wilmington, Delaware

Wilmington, Delaware, is the largest city in the state of Delaware, and it is the perfect distance from other great cities like Philadelphia, New York, and Washington, D.C. In addition to our ideal location, our safe neighborhoods, shopping districts, and outdoor spaces are why people are proud to call Wilmington home.It's not just pests that love calling Wil

Wilmington home; many insects, rodents, and other pests also thrive in our region. To help you maintain your Wilmington property and avoid being overrun by our region's most common pests, partner with us at Preferred Termite and Pest Control.

Backed by over 30 years of experience in the industry, we provide the pest control services you not only need but deserve! We are committed to our customers and to protecting Wilmington homes and businesses from Delaware pests. Call us today to learn about New Castle county pest control!

Residential Pest Control In Wilmington

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When sharing it with our region's most common pests, who can feel at home in their Wilmington house? Spiders shouldn't feel comfortable in the corners of your home, ants shouldn't have free range of your kitchen, and rodents shouldn't feel they can nest rent-free behind the walls of your home.

Keep ants out of your Wilmington home by partnering with Preferred Termite and Pest Control. Our pest control plans are customized to each homeowner's unique needs and will support your goal of maintaining a pest-free home.

If you are looking for the best pest control in Wilmington home, we have you covered with the help of our year-round pest control options. Call us today to learn more about our residential pest control in Wilmington and to receive a free estimate!

Commercial Pest Control In Wilmington

When pests enter your commercial property, it isn't an issue of if they will find a way inside, but rather when. The insects and rodents around us constantly search for the things they need to survive. Unfortunately for us, the interior of our businesses often offers them the food, water, and shelter they want.

Don't let pests make their home inside your business. They will quickly make themselves known to your customers, damaging your business's hard-earned reputation.

For commercial pest control in Willington that you can trust to guard your business against the dangers and damage of Wilmington pests, reach out to us at Preferred Termite and Pest Control. We tailor our commercial pest control programs to meet the needs of your unique property. Trust us to help you safeguard the reputation of your commercial property.

Ants In The Kitchen Of Wilmington Homes

If there were a pest that was synonymous with our kitchens, it would likely be the ant. Ants love our kitchens because of the food and water sources they provide. No matter how diligent you are at cleaning your kitchen, there will be missed crumbs that ants will find, gather, and bring back to the nest.

Having ants trailing through our kitchens is both unpleasant and problematic. While most ants aren't necessarily dangerous, having them in our homes should never be ignored. As ants travel over food and surfaces, they will contaminate them with bacteria and other unsavory pathogens. In addition, some ants can cause structural damage, sting, and produce unpleasant odors.

It is best to partner with a professional to get rid of ants from your Wilmington kitchen and throughout your home. You can't just get rid of the ants you see; you need to find and treat all the ants living in and around your home. To learn about the ant control services in Wilmington we offer, contact us here at Preferred Termite and Pest Control.

How To Limit Your Mosquito Exposure Risk In Wilmington

One of the peskiest pests we encounter daily, especially during summer, is the mosquito. These flies constantly swarm around us and deliver painful, itchy bites as they feed on our blood. Limiting exposure to these pests is vital because when mosquitoes bite and consume blood meals, they acquire and spread dangerous pathogens and parasites that make people and animals ill.

Use these tips to reduce mosquito numbers in your backyard and limit your exposure to mosquitoes:

  • Eliminate as much standing water from your property as possible. Females lay their eggs on top of areas of standing water. Standing water equals mosquito activity! 
  • Maintain your lawn; keep the grass cut short and shrubs, bushes, and trees cut back to reduce daytime hiding spots.
  • Store any container that can collect standing water either upside down or inside a shed, garage, or your home.
  • When spending time outside, use a mosquito repellant.
  • If possible, screen outdoor porches and eating areas.
  • Keep mosquitoes from getting into your home by ensuring that screens in windows and doors are intact. 

To limit your family's exposure to mosquitoes, implement these tips and partner with Preferred Termite and Pest Control. Our monthly Wilmington mosquito control services from March through October will dramatically reduce the number of mosquitoes feeling at home on your property. Effective treatments combined with making your property as unappealing to mosquitoes as possible is the one-two punch you need to control mosquitoes.

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